Accommodation services Hämeenlinna

Hahkiala Manor provides a historical manor environment for accommodation.

The manor is open by reservation for groups of at least ten persons and may also be rented for private use.

Hahkiala has rooms for accommodation in the over 100-year old main building as well as the charming guest houses in the manor grounds.

There are beds for 50 persons.



  • 7 rooms, 15 beds


  • 11 rooms, 19 beds


  • 9 rooms, 13 beds


  • 2 rooms, 3 beds

Manor main building

The main building of Hahkiala Manor has been preserved in its original form, which is why private WC/bathroom facilities have not been added to the rooms. Each wing has separate shared WC and bathroom facilities. There are also two WCs downstairs. The rooms are well suited for groups who get along well together and know each other well. You may also reserve a single room.

Sleep ”presidential style” in Hahkiala

The accommodation rooms in the main building have been named after former presidents of Finland. The presidents who had a room named after them visited Finland’s first Chancellor of Justice at Hahkiala. An exception is the room named after Sibelius, as Sibelius and his wife Aino also visited Hahkiala frequently.

Room division:

  • Single rooms: 1 (Sibelius)
  • Double rooms: 4 (K.J. Ståhlberg, Relander, Ester Ståhlberg and Kallio)
  • Triple rooms: 2 (Ryti and Svinhufvud)

Guest houses

Cosy Hyyrylä offers hotel-quality accommodation

Fabulous, modern hotel rooms that fit the scenery of the Manor have been renovated for Hyyrylä, a wooden house built in the early 20th century.

There are 11 rooms in the house: 3 Superior single rooms and 8 Superior double rooms.

Hyyrylä also has a cosy lobby.

Pehtoorila offers stunning pastoral scenery

Homely accommodation in the Manor grounds

On the other edge of the yard is Pehtoorila, the estate manager’s house, with two identical-sized apartments and one smaller apartment, Johtaja.

The Pehtooris have two double rooms, one single room, a living room and a terrace with a tranquil view of the fields.

The manager’s apartment, Johtaja, has three single rooms and shared WC and shower facilities.

Gardener Steenroos’ Cabin with its own peace and quiet

Gardener Steenroos’ Cabin, named after the old gardener, is a small detached house at the edge of the garden that acts as Hahkiala’s suite.

The cabin has a separate bedroom, living room and a large bathroom.

Villa Hahkiala

Situated at the shore of Lake Kirrinen, Villa Hahkiala is only a short drive away from Helsinki, Lahti and Tampere.
The villa is located in the immediate vicinity of the manor. The charming villa offers comfortable accommodation for 8-10 persons.

You may also book the villa directly through the Hahkiala Shop!
You can also check the villa’s availability at nettimö!