A part of a draft from an article by Risto Lampinen, M.Sc. (Agr. & For.)

History of the garden

The building of the famed garden of Hahkiala was initiated by the then owner of the Hahkiala manor, Chancellor of Justice, doctor Axel Charpentier.

According to the new garden blueprint, the garden envelopes the main building from all sides. The manor’s new main building was erected in 1915 – 1917, and the old farm buildings were moved further, giving way to the spectacular garden.

The garden was designed by the landscape architect Paul Olsson. It is one of the few works of Olsson which still exists today.

Parts of the garden have been built in French style, which is exemplified by the long main line that goes past the eastern side of the manor all the way to Lake Kirrinen. The parkland comprises of around four hectacres of land and it was very impressive in its baroque style richness. The number of ornamental plants is estimated to have totalled around 5000. There were for example some 700 gillyflowers and 600 roses.

In its current state, too, the garden is divided into four parts with regard to the main building, one part being on each side. The most dominant part is the massive stone wall surrounding the garden on the side of Lake Kirrinen and its two charming garden pavillions.

The garden today

Currrent owner has refurbished the surrounding baroque garden with respect to history. Even the fountain that was never built, is now built according to original plan and the sound of the water delights our guests.

The beautiful garden is our pride! We prefer traditional plants and there are around 100 perennials and over 350 precious roses in our garden.

In summertime, a moment spent in the splendid garden is like a small time travel to the 15th century France. Please contact us if you would like to visit the garden on a guided tour.