Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Hahkiala lives in full equilibrium with the surrounding environment. The diversity of forests is cherished and managed appropriately, and the game is fed to maintain stock. Hahkiala covers more than 550 hectares and its premises total about 6,000 square meters.

Ecological country experience

Hahkiala’s ecological principles are strongly in evidence, and the pure values delight the Manor House’s guests.


  • Continuous management of the heritage buildings of Hahkiala Manor
  • The renovation of Hahkiala’s Uiskola real estate has been undertaken respecting the old building stock
  • Using local builders for the construction work

Energy efficiency

  • Wood chip heating. Finnish made wood chip heating plants at Hahkiala’s Uiskola and the Hahkiala Manor. At the Manor, it is also possible to drive using mixed fuel
  • Two Finnish made biological waste water treatment plants
  • Eco-friendly ventilation in larger conference rooms. The heat exchanger, Swedish high technology, allows air to be exchanged completely in seven minutes and cooled using spring water. Being hygienic, this technology is popular especially in hospitals

Care of the environment

  • Forestry that fosters diversity
  • Game feeding to support stock
  • Maintenance of the cultural landscape and reduction of the nitrogen and phosphorus levels of the lakes through pasturing of Highland cattle in the coastal pastures
  • Raising water quality of the surrounding lakes by continuous improvements in water run-offs.

Food and beverage that meet our standards

  • Locally produced food
  • Using wild game only
  • Using the area’s own mushrooms, wild herbs and berries
  • Growing our own kitchen herbs
  • Turning our own produce into farmhouse products
  • Using fresh spring water
  • Active sorting and recycling of waste