Party services in Hämeenlinna

When you want the very best, the facilities, friendly service and unique offerings of Hahkiala Manor are what you’re looking for. Hahkiala is the right choice when privacy and authenticity matter. Our hospitality in our glorious manor environment has been enjoyed by presidents and other famous Finns. At Hahkiala, we focus heavily on the quality of service.

We are open by reservation for parties of at least ten people and will design your according to your wishes. For us, the customer is always at the centre.

Convertible party spaces

The diverse party spaces are suitable for any event. How about a private concert, accompanied by a 19th century grand piano, a graduation party amidst paintings with a feel of history, an unforgettable dinner amongst trophies, a festive anniversary under a glittering crystal chandelier, a garden party in the shade of a rose garden or the launch of a new tractor model in the rural-style Siilo Hall?

We organise wedding receptions on the opposite shore of the lake in
Uiskola, whose facilities are best suited for the nature of a wedding event.

Programme services suited to the nature of the event

If you wish, we will organise an entertaining programme for your event. We
have picked reliable partners; you can read more about the types ofentertainment they offer here.

There’s plenty of room – take a closer look at our capacity!

The Hahkiala party spaces in Hämeenlinna can be adapted for many purposes. Our sales service will be happy to assist you in putting together the right spaces.

A rich, festive menu is the icing on the cake

At Hahkiala, guests will enjoy delicacies like the gentry, and gourmet food is served at tables with white tablecloths as well as from bubbling pots outdoors. When autumn arrives, we can organise an atmospheric crayfish party on the Glass Veranda.

Have an unforgettable manor party!

The main building of the manor has room for dinners for as many as 150
people. The largest contiguous space can fit 32 people, and by combining two adjacent spaces, there are 60 seats available. The fabulous Music Hal can fit up to 40 concert guests.

Country-style coffee service can be set up for a hundred people at the Grain Storehouse on the manor grounds, or a club concert can be organised for 80 people in Makasiini upstairs. The Grain Storehouse is also a great venue for theme parties and Christmas parties. When you hold your event at Hahkiala, your guests are guaranteed to thank you!

Party menus

Find out more about the enticing menu options at Hahkiala Manor. Here, we’ve put together two luxurious party menus that are suitable as catering for a summer party or birthday party, for example.

Main building party spaces

Dining Room

The Dining Room downstairs has a gorgeous view of the baroque garden. The
room is decorated with an impressive, early 20th century tile stove. Combining
the spaces provides plenty of extra room for larger groups, such as wedding and birthday party guests.

Capacity: 32 customers.

Glass Veranda

The Glass Veranda has a gorgeous view across the park to the lake, behind which you can see the beautiful medieval stone church of Hauho. The Glass Veranda is suitable for small dinners and crayfish parties in the autumn. At
the Glass Veranda, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a fresh summer evening or the cool autumn dusk.

Capacity: 12 customers

Music Room

The Music Room upstairs is decorated with a fabulous concert grand piano as well as two ornamental tile stoves from the early 20th century. This space is perfectly suited for a more formal dinner or as the venue for a private concert.

Capacity: 24 customers.
40 concert seats.

Cognac Room

Also located downstairs is the Cognac Room for carrying on with the evening in bold art nouveau style. This space is also ideally suited for small cocktail parties and can be easily combined with the Library next door.

Cognac Room: cocktails for 20 persons.
Library: 10 customers.

Makasiini party spaces


Located in the upper floor of the Grain Storehouse built in 1911, Makasiini can be converted into a dimly lit club or a glamorous disco, as required. The lobby before the space functions perfectly as a bar.

Siilo hall

The atmosphere of the four-meter high hall downstairs can be changed with decorations from a speakeasy to a Bavarian beer fest. In the summer, one can open the lifting door at the end of the space, set the table for a country-style coffee service and admire the furry highland bulls in the nearby lakeside pasture.