Programme services in Hämeenlinna

The location of Hahkiala Manor in the middle of three lakes and the nature around it provide opportunities for the most diverse experiences from ice swimming to pétanque and archery to a buggy safari. We collaborate with selected programme service entrepreneurs and musicians. Our partners come from the local area and have become well familiar with the manor and its grounds over the years.

Our reliable partners will be happy to use their full expertise to take care of the programme for the day and the evening.
The manor’s own additional activities, such as the barbecue or chocolate school, hike to a lean-to with coffee brewed on an open fire and lean-to meals add their own flavour to your event. For a conference, we recommend activities like refreshing exercise during breaks. The beach volley court on the shore of the manor and an assortment of garden games are at our guests’ disposal, free of charge.

Activities provided by our partners

Hahkiala Manor collaborates with local professionals. Carefully selected and trusted partners enable the organisation of the most diverse activities. These activities are well suited for private events as well as corporate events. You can choose the popular health and fitness test or some other form of inspiring experience, such as horseback riding or a safari ride. We are happy to assist you in putting together a suitable programme.

Health and fitness tests

In Uiskola, on the other side of Lake Kirrinen, we will test the fitness and stress level of your group. Some of the tests may also be taken on the Hahkiala Manor side. The tests will be carried out either by a physiotherapist or an exercise professional.

You may choose from the following tests:

  • UKK walking test
  • UKK musculoskeletal fitness test
  • Firstbeat Wellness Analysis
  • Back test (using the Spinal Mouse measuring
  • method)
  • Heart fitness test (using a Cardioscan ECG meter)
  • Dynamic balance test (using an MFT S3 device)
  • Muscular fitness test
  • Aerobic fitness test

Experience-based programme

Lively experiences and exciting evening activities are provided by our partners. Please find out more about their selections through the links.

Fenix Ohjelmapalvelut Oy
Luovat Workshopit
Burn Out City
Action Factory / Suomen TilausAktiviteetit Oy
Hauhon Kukkapalvelu
Tapahtumatuotanto Voltti
Elämyspalvelut M. Suhonen
Pianotaiteilija Tuomas Nikkanen
Hauhon Liikenne
Hämeen Limusiini
Vilman Varpaat

Hahkiala Manor additional activities

All the programmes listed below have a duration of about 1-2 hours and will be customised to fit the rest of your group’s schedule. Minimum group size is 10 persons. The currently valid VAT will be added to the prices.

Barbecue school

With the guidance of our chef, you will make a marinade for grilled foods that will be eaten during a barbecue dinner. Participants will also get a Manor recipe booklet with instructions on how to cook summertime treats easily at home!

Prices starting from: 90 €/person (includes guidance, dinner and materials)

Chocolate school

We will dive into the secrets of chocolate with the guidance of our chef and practice making truffles. Homemade truffles will be packed into beautiful boxes and taken home.

Prices starting from: 65 €/person (includes guidance, raw ingredients and materials)

The Hahkiala Masterchef contest

The contest will take place in groups of 4-10 persons, and each group will make a predetermined dish based on preliminary information. The finished dishes will be judged, and a winning team declared!

Price: 50 € / person (includes guidance and raw ingredients)

Lean-to hike and roasting buns on sticks

The Lean-to Hike and Roasting Buns on Sticks activity package will take participants on an invigorating hiking trip with a guide to the Hahkiala Manor lean-to amidst beautiful rural scenery. At the lean-to, you’ll get to roast delicious buns on sticks and enjoy hot coffee brewed on an open fire.

Price: 500 €/max. 10 persons and 1,000 €/max. 20 persons (includes the guide and coffee with bun on a stick)

A lean-to meal at the Hahkiala Manor beach lean-to

A lean-to meal at the Hahkiala Manor beach lean-to includes a walk to the Manor beach lean-to, where you will enjoy delicious crock pot food and coffee brewed on an open fire by a blazing campfire.

Price: 600 €/max. 10 persons and 1,200 €/max. 20 persons (includes lean-to meal and coffee)

Hahkiala garden games

Enjoy the fresh air on the shore of Kirrinen and compete in the garden game championships under the guidance of a game hostess.

Prices: 600 €/max. 20 persons (includes guided garden games)

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