Saunas and bathing

Lakeside saunas

At Hahkiala Manor, you can bathe in “presidential style”, as the lakeside sauna is an exact replica of the sauna at Kultaranta, the summer residence of the head of the republic. The sauna has a fireplace lounge suitable for social evenings. With room for up to 15 people, it is a cosy place for relaxing after the gentle heat of the wood-burning sauna. The sauna seats 15 bathers and has a separate changing room.

The lakeside sauna has an extension that houses a new, smaller sauna with a panoramic view over the lake. The sauna is available to book separately or together with the main sauna, and it seats 10 bathers.

The saunas are only a few steps away from the clear waters of Lake Kirrinen, where those brave enough can even try winter swimming. In the summer, the big terrace is ideal for a barbecue party after an evening of bathing in the sauna.

Floating sauna

When the lake is not covered in ice, guests can also book our floating sauna, which is normally docked on the other side of the lake for the guests of Hahkiala Uiskola to use. What could be more memorable than enjoying the warmth of a wood-burning sauna and the ripple of the waves, and then stepping out into the lake for a dip? The sauna seats around 15 bathers and has a changing room and an area for lounging.

Wine barrel bathing

Next to the saunas sits Hahkiala's unique barrel bath – a repurposed oak wine barrel that can hold up to 12 bathers at a time. A hot bath under the stars on a moonlit night is sure to be a memorable experience! If you like, you can also book a real wine bath.