Presentable sauna facilities in Hämeenlinna

The warm sauna will wrap up a long day of meetings and allow you to have some relaxed time together. The gentle sauna is also a perfect fit for birthdays and other festive occasions. Hot steam, the lapping of waves and a gentle summer breeze from the lake will make your day the highlight of the summer.
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Beach saunas

At Hahkiala Manor, you can go to the sauna in “presidential style”, as the Manor’s beach sauna is an exact replica of the sauna at Kultaranta, the summer residence of the President of Finland. The steam in the wood-heated sauna is guaranteed to be gentle. The fireplace room of the sauna is suitable for evenings for parties of 15 persons and is a pleasant place for relaxing after the gentle steam of the wood-heated sauna. The sauna has a separate dressing room and seating inside the sauna for about 15 persons.

The small sauna in the extension of the beach sauna that was completed in
the autumn of 2014 has a stunning view of the lake. The sauna can be booked
along with or separately from the main sauna. There is seating for around 10 people.
A few steps away from the saunas is the clear water of Lake Kirrinen with a
hole in the ice for the brave during wintertime!

In summertime, you can complement your sauna evening with a barbecue party at
the large terrace.

Floating sauna

When the lake isn’t frozen, it is also possible to separately order a floating sauna that normally serves our guests on the Uiskola side of Hahkiala. Enjoying a wood-heated sauna on the waves and dipping into the lake straight from the steam room is an unparalleled experience. The sauna has a dressing room, seating for about 18 persons and a room for cooling off.

A bath in a wine barrel

In front of the sauna is the Manor’s specialty, an old Chymos oaken wine barrel that has been converted into a hot tub for approximately 12 people to enjoy. A warm bath in the tub under a star-lit sky in the moonlight is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience! The bath can also be ordered as a genuine wine bath.

Aquatic energy from ice swimming

Ice swimming after a long day will relieve stress and bring you a good night’s sleep! All healthy people who can swim may enter the hole in the ice. Keep the following things in mind, however:
Walk slowly from the sauna, so that your body has time to cool down.
Stay in the water only for a moment and do not get your head wet in the hole.
A few times will be enough; at the end, you should dress up warmly.

Other activities

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